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The Best Heroes to play.

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My goal is to teach you everything you need to know on how to be really good at Overwatch I will be providing beginner and advanced strategies for all heroes and maps in the game along with a lot of other general guides on how to play the game well and even professionally.

Overwatch Character Rankings Based on Maps Overwatch Guides for every map and The Best Heroes to play.

Overwatch is focused entirely on characters and the abilities that they have access to. It's a game about mastering these characters, but just because you're good with one specific character over the others, it doesn't mean you shouldn't swap to another if your team desperately needs it. Every character in Overwatch has a direct counter, meaning that you can easily be shut down if the enemy team has the right team composition in mind.

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Arguably one of the most challenging and rewarding support characters to play, Zenyatta is designed to heal his teammates with his Orbs of…

Shinjuko and the Ayame Kai exist in Overwatch

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Loads of talented artists have whipped up their own visions of what new Overwatch heroes and villains might look like.

While I love her Overwatch work, which often emphasizes and celebrates the personality of iconic heroes, her entire portfolio is definitely worth a look.

It's completely feasible that Shinjuko and the Ayame-Kai exist in Overwatch, and the world is richer for being able to imagine these new characters and complications.

Here's a giant Overwatch FAQ for beginners, the latest rumors of a Terry Crews-voiced Overwatch character, all the updates in patch 2.01, the fandom's reactions to that Zenyatta Nutcracker skin, a guide to all the hidden details in the Winter Wonderland event and a list of all the other unlockable goodies you can earn for Overwatch's other characters.

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Yes, that very reason may or may not have been why I ranked several Overwatch heroes on the low end of this list, but that's in the past now.

In my opinion, Mei e…